I am a Kripalu yoga teacher and broadway aspirant based in New York City. Currently a contributing host on Veria Living Companion, I answer health and wellness questions on air that broadcast nationally on these channels. I’m interested in helping you feel GOOD about who you are, as you are. Don’t trick yourself for a second into thinking you need to change your body to feel good. Learn to feel good first and success will start to show up with more ease than you could have imagined and in ways you didn’t realize were possible. 

My classes stretch, strengthen and most importantly– relax. I encourage students to lead with their experience on the mat. If a pose hurts, don’t do it. If it feels amazing, feel free to hang out there for a half hour and ignore what I’m doing up front. The yoga room is a place free of judgement. It is a place for self care. Your time on the mat is just that– Your Time.

Thanks for stopping by! Drop me a line for teaching requests and professional inquiries. Follow me on twitter for attempted witticisms, yoga tips and takes on living positively with a strong sense of self. Cue music…

xo Rachel