NI1C9644Eight-year-old Rachel told her parents she wanted to focus on performing arts by cartwheeling across the soccer field mid-game.

She grew up taking jazz, tap, and gymnastics, until deciding to focus all effort on becoming the best technician possible. She began training exclusively under the tutelage of Rose and Charles Flachs (Vaganova method) at the Massachusetts Academy of Ballet. She trained six days a week alongside amazingly talented, driven peers. She then earned a dual degree at UMass Amherst, with a BA in Dance from the Five College Dance Department and a BBA in Marketing from the Isenberg School of Management, for which she earned a substantial merit and leadership-based scholarship and the title Isenberg Honors Scholar.

At UMass, Rachel’s artistry bloomed. She grew to demonstrate a unique emotional vibrancy both on and offstage. She stepped into regular voice lessons and acting classes after a summer program at Boston Conservatory. Rachel is now a confident triple threat eager to continue learning and growing in this beautiful theater community. Rachel values kindness, compassion, collaboration, respect, and fun. She strives to bring these values with her to each and every working and non-working environment.

David Goddard Photography

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