NI1C9644At age 8, Rachel cartwheeled across the soccer field mid-game. She was also highly useful during practices, effectively tying together pieces of grass to make bracelets… Enter the arts.

She trained at the Massachusetts Academy of Ballet (Vaganova) before earning a dual degree at UMass Amherst in Marketing (BBA) and Dance (BA). Eugene and Ronnie Isenberg awarded Rachel a substantial merit-based scholarship to attend UMass, and the title Isenberg Honors Scholar. Though she did not join her peers in the worlds of finance or advertising, she proudly represents the Isenberg School of Management in the world of showbusiness. Rachel would like to further add that she hopes the last sentence was clever.

Rachel demonstrates an emotional vibrancy both on and offstage. She currently is a New York City-based artist studying voice with Eddie Schnecker, actively continuing her dance training at Steps, Broadway Dance Center, Peridance, and in vacant Duane Reade aisles. Rachel looks forward to a lifetime of growth and experience in this funky beautiful arts community. She strives to bring compassion, respect, and chutzpah with her to every working and non-working environment.

David Goddard Photography

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